Introverts Unite: Sharing Space Without Expectations


June 25


11:00 am - 06:00 pm

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Portland Social Connection Meetup

Website: Organizer's Website

Cuddle Up To Me

6230 NE Halsey St

Portland, OR, US, 97213

You do your thing, I’ll do my thing, but let’s be in the same room for as long or short as you choose (within the time available). Donations are asked for time spent on site. Give what feels right to you. Everyone 18 or over welcome.

If you deal with any of the following this event may be for you:

-Social Anxiety
-Being an introvert in an extroverted society
-Wanting to be around people who don’t annoy the crap out of you
-Lack of motivation to work on that thing that can be done on the laptop or other thing that can brought with you
-Wanting to be held while you are alone (don’t worry, we have easy ways for you to opt out of touch as well)
-Wanting more friends
-Wanting social time without all the pressure and requirements that being around people normally brings (ok, you still have to wear pants).

You get the idea. Come hang out. Bring your book, laptop, tablet, phone, crafts (that don’t include glitter), earbuds, snacks, etc. You decide how your time is spent. I’ll decide how my time is spent.

Here are the rules for this event:

1) Try your best to not be an a-hole/jerk face to others and also preferably not to yourself either
2) We are asked to not speak to anyone with earbuds in. If you have one earbud in you are giving us permission to ask you verbally to opt in or out of conversation.
3) No touch is ever required here. If you want touch please follow these guidelines: All touch must be of platonic intention, only outside of swimsuit areas/clothing with hands, and only with consent. If someone says no please do not ask them again that day for anything touch related. Let them re-approach you if they want. Our consent methods are listed on site and include Ask and Wait and Green Bracelets.
4) You have full permission to join in and/or leave without a word or glance at anyone, ever. You are always at choice here.
5) All sound is to be kept to library levels. Conversations are allowed, but only quietly. If you’d rather not hear, bring headphones and something of your own choosing to listen to.
6) If you have any questions ask Sam. I’ll be the one with the red scarf. Also, if you come in the room with a red scarf I will eat it, I mean ask you to store it as to not confuse the humans.
7) Please have clean feet/socks as this space is shoe free.

If you want something to do while you are on site we will have wifi available (password is cuddlecuddle) and if you have a laptop to bring we invite you to check out our Free Online Consent Workshop while you are here (shameless self promotion for the win!). Link below.

Who is the facilitator? Samantha Hess. I am owner of Cuddle Up To Me and Certified Cuddlers, an author, blogger, and believer in humans. I have spent the last 6+ years dedicating my life to creating safe space for all humans to feel respected, accepted, and worthy as they are. If you want to know more about me check out my book: Touch, the Power of Human Connection on Amazon, book a consult/session with me, or support me on Patreon (intentionallysam) for the TMI version of my life.

Let me know what you think of this event before or after. I’m curious if anyone else thinks this should be a regular thing…I appreciate you!