Drop In Cuddle/Spoon Drawer


July 6


12:00 pm - 03:00 pm

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Portland Social Connection Meetup

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Cuddle Up To Me

6230 NE Halsey St

Portland, OR, US, 97213

***Please note events are now open from 12pm-3pm.

• What we’ll do:
Here’s a video on what to expect:

Drop in platonic cuddle. No touch required. You are welcome to drop in anytime during the event and stay as long or short as you’d like. Suggested donation is $5 per hour. Everyone 18+ is welcome to attend.

For this event

The rules are simple:
1) You are always at choice. No touch is ever required.
2) Consent first. This means using the Ask and Wait method (or Green Bracelet to indicate comfort and accept responsibility to hold your own boundaries without verbal permission required first).
3) All persons must agree to our ground rules and sign our community cuddle waiver to participate (links below).



• What to bring
Bring/wear comfy clothing, and snacks if you want (water and tea are provided)

You may be thinking to yourself this sounds creepy or I have no idea if I will like this type of event or I don’t trust others to respect my boundaries. Here is my perspective on these things (this is from Samantha btw)

1) It often does feel creepy at first, but only because it’s a new and unique situation that doesn’t match the normative social expectations. Because no touch is required, the rules are very clear, and we have spent more than half a decade creating and defining our safe space most people find a base level of comfort at this event within about 20-30 minutes. That means it will feel awkward for a lot of us at first, and we have to build trust with the group dynamic through practice.

2) Are you going to feel weird going to a cuddle event and sitting by yourself next to three people spooning? It’s certainly possible, but the only way to normalize these experiences is by trying it. You are welcome to talk about how awkward/uncomfortable you are and get feedback from others. It helps to know others have struggled/are struggling with this as well. The only way to know is to try it, and we wouldn’t still host these events if folks didn’t find value in them.

3) In this space the only pressure to participate comes from within. We encourage you to take our free online consent workshop (training.certifiedcuddlers.com) first to see how we handle these situations or to attend with the permission to only observe the whole time. We have a space in the room called the Solo Salon which is where you can sit to observe without any chance of others asking anything of you. It’s okay to sit there the whole time. It’s also okay to dive right in and see how it feels to cuddle with strangers in a safe space if that’s what feels right in the moment. There’s no judgement here (externally), so we welcome and encourage all comfort levels to try it out. You can always leave if you get here and your brain says “NOPE!”

4) The value of spending time in a safe space with a community of open minded people is something that may not seem real or possible until it’s experienced. If you’ve felt unloved, unappreciated, unnoticed, or lost at any point in your life you will find like minded people here. In our space you matter because you exist. Let us prove it to you by showing you we respect you.