A Letter to Fellow Humans Through Uncertain Times, Coronavirus/COVID-19, and the Stay-In-Place Order 

Dear Human, 

Thank you for visiting our site. We see you. I mean, not literally. That would be creepy. I mean that if you are reading this you must be alive and perhaps seeking connection through this chaotic and uncertain time. Here’s what we want you to know: 

  • You exist and you are loved. 
  • As of March 23rd, 2020 our retail space and in-person sessions are suspended until the Stay-In-Place order is lifted. 

  • As of now, all of our staff plans on returning for in-person sessions in the future.
  • The world is adapting, and we are here to adapt with it by providing new ways to connect! We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to keep our business afloat so we can get back to offering in-person sessions as quickly as we are allowed. 
  • We know these are tough times for many, so regardless of finances, we are here for you. We have several new ways we can offer support to you while you help keep us afloat for as little as $1. 

So much of what we do is about creating connection which is something that happens through conversation as much as with touch. We want to be here to hold space, even if we can’t hold and be held by each other for now. 

Here are some ways to connect with us during the Stay-In-Place order: 

  1. We have created a new Discord server for all of our Patreon subscribers. It costs $1 per month to join, and you can cancel at any time. Samantha and others in the group will be posting here regularly to check in and see how everyone is doing, provide distractions, and add some humor to our stressful lives. We welcome you to be part of the conversations. Click here to sign up
  2. Many of our staff are happy to continue working with you via telephone (Olivia, Cora, Lake, and Sam), Skype (Cora and Sam), or Marco Polo check-ins (Sam).
  3. The same rules apply to our new alternative sessions as when you visit in person. We will start each conversation with checking in around boundaries to ensure discussions feel as safe as possible.
  4. We have updated the site so when you select a cuddler it will now reflect phone or Skype options for each person who offers them currently. Book like you normally would for phone or Skype. Click here for Marco Polo or text check-ins.
  5. Sam made a virtual eye gazing video to help create connection while social distancing. Please watch, share, and rewatch as needed.
    Click here to watch the Eye Gazing Video

Please keep in mind that as a small business we are also at risk of not making it through this crisis without support as well. If you are able to continue or start contributing to our service we would be very grateful to have you book a new session type, purchase a gift certificate or self care kit, give a few dollars to help sponsor sessions for those whose income may be impacted, or support our founder on Patreon to join the conversation for $1 or more per month.

We are grateful to help support you through this time, and we look forward to brighter days ahead. Please contact me below with any comments/questions/concerns anytime.

Peace, Love, and Cuddles,
All of us at Cuddle Up To Me
email: samantha@cuddleuptome.com
text: 971-361-8770