Sandpaper For Your Skin Sugar Scrub


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Are you tired of rough skin? Are your elbows looking and feeling a lot like those stabby concrete sidewalks? Hate the smell of flowery bath products? This product is for you! Made locally using espresso powder, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut oil, cedarwood, cinnamon, and bergamot essential oils, and vitamin E oil. It smells faintly of winter mornings or those candles that you think don’t smell that bad (that you secretly love). Rub this on your elbows, arms, face, or anywhere that isn’t a sensitive crevice type area 1-3 times per week with more or less gusto than you might use to wash your car (or bike if that’s what you’re into). Each drop-safe tube contains five ounces of pure magic. For this price, you might need two.

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