Q: What service does Cuddle Up To Me provide?

A: We offer fully clothed, platonic cuddle sessions and safe space holding from 15 minutes to 3 hours for all humans* 18 years of age or over. The goal of a session is to work together to create a space that feels as safe as possible. We offer more than 80 different cuddle poses, and are happy to guide you through or let you take the lead. Park, outbound, and virtual check-in options available now. *In-person sessions currently require at least one booster shot for Covid-19. For special circumstances that are medical related only please e-mail us for consideration: support@certifiedcuddlers.com

Q: What happens in a cuddle session?

A: Each appointment starts with discussing boundaries and consent. We can hug, sit, lie, dance, sing, read, play games, etc. This is your time to receive the love and attention that we all deserve. We may hold hands and chat sitting close, gummyworm to your heart’s content, or try any number of poses. We will customize the session together to help create comfort, relaxation, and/or healing. We offer the sort of love a compassionate mother gives a child. We welcome all questions as long as you are okay hearing a “no.” There is no secret menu. We all can benefit to feel the warmth and closeness of another to help us feel whole, and we are here to help you achieve that in whatever way makes us both feel comfortable. 

Q: Can I talk during my session?

A: This is 100% up to you. If you are inclined to share with us, we are happy to listen. What we want is to offer you is a safe space to feel loved, understood, and appreciated. Many of our us have plenty of people who will tell us what we’re doing wrong or who seem to know how to be us better than we do. In our space we are here to listen without trying to fix it. We believe that with support we can all find the answers we are looking for from within. Please note we are not HIPAA reporters, so unless you share an intent and ability to immediately cause harm to yourself or others, everything you say is held in the strictest of confidences. We are not a replacement for forms of currently recognized therapies, so please ensure you are seeking additional support as needed. 

Q: What about “natural reactions?”

A: Due to the family oriented interactions we strive for, this is rare. From time to time this may happen though. If it does we ask you to shift your body or change poses so that it does not become a focus of the session and so any physical arousal is not in contact with your cuddler. We are great at being the “big spoon.” You are welcome to chat with us about this or simply move depending on what is more helpful in the moment. 

Q: What should I wear for my appointments?

A: We recommend you wear something you can move comfortably in. Pajamas, workout shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts are acceptable—or just whatever you are wearing that day, as long as you are comfortable enough. Please keep in mind that nudity of any kind is not acceptable for this service—on your part or ours. Cuddling sessions are based on unconditional loving touch only (never sexual touch). We have a minimum clothing requirement of workout shorts and a tank top. No undergarments may be exposed.

Q: What happens at my first session?

A: A consultation is required prior to starting your first session with each person on our team to establish  boundaries, consent, and get an understanding of what brings you in. We will go over what we are comfortable offering and encourage you to be as up front as possible with us about what your hopes of a session look like. It’s okay if you have no idea. You will get the opportunity to decide together if you are both comfortable enough with what a session might look like to move forward at that time. We offer consultations as stand alone appointments in case you’re not sure you’re ready for a session or as a package when booking a 1st Session. Consultations are free, but do require about 15-30 minutes of time and perhaps a bit of vulnerability. 

Q: Are tips accepted?

A: Your gratefulness is very much appreciated, and if you feel like you need to give more we encourage you to book another session.

Q: How do I become a Professional Cuddler and/or join the movement?

A: We offer a certification program that will teach you everything you know about being a Professional Cuddler and start a service of your own. For details please visit us here: www.CertifiedCuddlers.com. We will also continue to hire in the future, so if you would like to apply locally to be an employee please visit: www.cuddleuptome.com/apply

Q: How much does a session cost?

A: Your initial (and required) consultation is free and no obligation. A session will run you $80/hr for Certified Cuddlers and $100/hr for Master cuddlers plus $60/hour for travel for outbound sessions from 97206. 

Q: How can I book an appointment?

A: To book an appointment you can set up an appointment online here. We are often fully booked weeks in advance. Please let us know if you’d like to be added to our wait list by emailing samantha@cuddleuptome.com. We hope to have more team members available in the future. 

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express through Square, Cash, or pre-payment through PayPal. All Square payments will show up on your statement as our generic LLC name for privacy. 

Q: Does my name have to match my ID? 

Nope. The name you put into our system and use in our space does not have to match your state or government issued identification. We welcome and encourage you sharing pronouns, names, and anything else helpful to create more comfort/safety/awareness in our space. We will still need to copy your id to keep on file as part of our security process, but we welcome you to be yourself with us.  

Q: How can I stay connected to Cuddle Up To me:
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