If you are interested in being a professional cuddler in Portland, Oregon please read below and fill out the application at the bottom once available. For all other locations or to get started immediately click here

We offer fully clothed, completely platonic cuddle sessions, with physical touch allowed in places it would be appropriate to touch a child. The concept is this: when we each feel so fulfilled in our own sense of self we are driven and able to give back to those around us. The goal is a self-perpetuating cycle of positivity. “Pay it forward” more or less.

We are the respect, acceptance, and unconditional love that our clients deserve but don’t always receive. We do not judge; we only love. If you become a member of our team you will go through a 40 hour unpaid training program at no cost to you in order to learn all the skills required to keep you safe and your clients in the best mindset for therapeutic healing prior to taking on your own clients.

Due to the pandemic we won’t be accepting applications until September 2021. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, if you are ready to get started and feel safe doing so we offer a self-paced online certification program if you want to work for yourself. The cost is $30 per month ongoing, cancel anytime. This includes everything you need to know to get started, ongoing support, and a profile listing on CertifiedCuddlers.com. To sign up click here.

If working with us directly in Portland, Oregon sounds like your dream job please confirm you meet the requirements below and mark your calendar to check back September 5th or later 2021. Once we have tested out our new safety requirements and feel safe bringing others into the fold again we will be updating this page to let you know we are ready for you!  


  • 18 years of age or more (no upper age limit, any gender)
  • Able to work regularly in our studio located in Portland, Oregon including at least two weekend days and eight evenings every month
  • Willing and able to complete an unpaid 40 hour training program as designed by Certified Cuddlers (at no cost to you) during weekdays
  • Strong ethics and the ability to maintain professional boundaries
  • Comfortable accepting clients of all genders, ages (18 and over), races, sexual preferences, religion, political views, food preferences, life challenges, and so on (basically are you honestly comfortable with accepting anyone who walks in the door?)
  • Good listener
  • Available at least 3 consecutive hours, 3+ days a week including at least two weekend days and six evenings per month.
  • Willing to wear minimal makeup and scents as well as follow a strict hygiene regimen
  • Free of communicable diseases that could be spread by normal physical contact or proximity related to cuddling and client interactions

If you have said yes to all of this please click the red Application Form link below to fill out an application. If you are selected for an interview we will reach out as soon as we are hiring. Thank you, and good luck!

Application Form