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Our studio is located at: 6230 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97213 or use the Contact Us page for information on having a cuddler visit you in the Portland Metro area instead. For sessions outside of Portland, Oregon please visit: Certified Cuddlers

Meet Lake:

Part woo, part science nerd, all wonderful

-5′ 6″, early 40’s
-Holistic nutritionist who still eats all the things
-Secret spy wanna be- she’s super mysterious (but mostly not)
-Loves the rain, hates the sun. Yeah, she’s our kinda weird!

What to expect with Lake: 

Lake is great at three things when it comes to cuddles:
1) Creating relaxing vibes
2) Listening to whatever you want to share without judging- NOTHING will freak her out. Yes, we tested this.
3) Laughing and being silly

If any of those versions of cuddling sound like something you’d be open to book a session and let her know what presence you want. She’s here to meet you where you are at.

Lake is accepting virtual and phone check-ins only at this time.

Meet Cora:

Musical, Kind hearted, Human

  • 5’7″, 20’s
  • Plays piano, saxophone, ukulele, and more!
  • Loves anime, hiking, and weight lifting
  • All about accepting people as they are

What to expect with Cora: 

Cora specializes in creating safety and comfort for those who may be treated differently. She’s a happy space holder who loves squishy cuddle poses and losing track of time listening to what makes you who you are. Cora is gentle, sweet, and able to listen without pity, shame, or judgement. For a calm and uplifting cuddle try a session with Cora!

Cora is accepting virtual and phone check-ins only at this time.

Meet Samantha:

Owner of Cuddle Up To Me, Author, and creator of the Certified Cuddlers© Certification Program

–  5’1”, 30s, Italian and Scandinavian descent
–  Focused on vulnerability and shining light on the dark parts of life
–  Loves to laugh and be generally silly
–  Professional Cuddler since 2013 seen in over 400 interviews worldwide!

What to expect with Sam:

A session custom tailored to ensure you know you are loved and that you matter. If you feel stuck, unheard, or don’t know how to process life challenges, I am here to hold the space needed to help get you through at whatever pace you choose.

To learn more about Samantha find her online:
Samantha’s Personal Blog

Sam’s in-person session restrictions as of 06/01/20:

My personal restrictions for in-person sessions includes the following:

  1. Both of us must wear a mask or face covering over our nose and mouth during the entire visit.
  2. Only cuddle poses where we are not facing each other will be allowed (mama bear, big/little spoon, lazy spoon, back scratcher, or pyramid are examples)
  3. While we are within six feet of each other no talking is allowed, this includes session time, so consent will happen non-verbally and be planned in advance.
  4. Only sessions of up to 30 minutes will be allowed per client per day.
  5. Payment is now required when you book your appointment in order to minimize surface contact, and check-in’s will be done verbally only on site.
  6. Both of us will need to wash our hands for 20 seconds prior to starting the session.
  7. The state is requiring clients wait outside (in your car is fine) for appointments until we call you in. I will text you when I’m ready to bring you in with the goal of meeting you at the scheduled time. We are also no longer allowed to offer water, snacks, or reading material so our cuddle pose cards will be put away. You are encouraged to bring your own beverage and snacks as needed.

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Meet Snuggle Linn:

Relaxed space holder with a kind and quirky spirit!

– 5’5″, early 30’s
– Queer
– Fondness and comfort with atypical humans of all sorts
– Wide net of interests with a flair for the nerdy and artsy
– Happy to banter endlessly, listen quietly, or share companionable silence
What to expect with SnuggLinn:
SnuggLinn’s calming demeanor welcomes openness, acceptance, and nurturing through connection in many ways. Squishy cuddles, or simple hand holding, with SnuggLinn you may leave here feeling uplifted, melty, and knowing that you are seen and accepted exactly as you are.
Find Linn on Facebook @SnuggLinn

Linn is unavailable for all appointment types until further notice. 

Meet Olivia: 

Simplifier of chaos, healer of hearts, and curator of calm.

-5’5″, early 20’s

-Loves stories and adventure

-Grounds herself through creative works like knitting, sewing, and music

-Weird and wonderful Portland native

What to expect with Olivia:

Olivia is a warm, compassionate, and nurturing soul. She loves meeting people where they are with unconditional, uplifting support. A session with Olivia will leave you feeling like your heart has been hugged. If you feel misunderstood, invisible, or lost in life consider Olivia for your next cuddle. Olivia has mastered the art of supporting humans through crisis, trauma, and everyday challenges. With Olivia’s support we will help turn your struggles into cuddles and make the world a more manageable place.

Olivia is unavailable for all appointment types until further notice. 

Meet Joey:

Powerful force for compassion, kindness, and overcoming any obstacle
-Mid-30s, 5’3″, 115 pounds and petite
-Lived in eight states and enjoys traveling, but recently decided to make Portland her permanent home.
-Loves to help people learn to accept themselves, find productive and healthy coping skills, as well as develop life skills necessary to thrive.
-Small and snuggly with a motherly presence and open mind for all walks of life.
What to expect with Joey: 
Joey is happy to guide you through or follow your lead to create the experience that fits you. With a highly developed sense of intuition, a strong belief in kindness through connection,and the confidence to ease even the most troubled soul, Joey is here to help.
To learn more about Joey find her on Facebook

Joey is unavailable for all appointment types until further notice. 

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6230 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97213