For one reason or another, many of us do not get the level of human contact that we want or need in order to be our optimal selves. I would like to help bring this into your life. When you have what you need, life is amazing!


When we experience touch, it gives us physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It lets us know that everything is alright.


Touch has the power to comfort us when we are sad, heal us when we are sick, encourage us when we feel lost, and above all else, allow us to accept that we are not alone.


"After meeting Samantha Hess, I feel so much better. Our cuddle time gave me a different outlook on life. I had no idea what I was missing. I am a big fan now and look forward to our next session."
—Steve in Vancouver

"We all desire physical touch and the service Samantha Hess provides is sincere and safe."
—Mateo in Portland

All our cuddlers are certified!

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